Our Services

You are a site owner

You owe a site with hydro potential and you would like to leverage the production capacity of your site, but you don’t have the money and the technical skills. You are also afraid of the administrative and permitting process to refurbish your site, and you are not even sure the project would be viable.
We can :

  • Make a pre-assesment of your site
  • Incorporate it to an existing local cooperative, taking care of all the burden (find the funds and manage the end-to-end project management)

You are a municipality or a citizen lobby group

You know there is micro-hydro potential in your region, you want to bring dynamism to your region and foster ecotourism, but you don’t know how to initiate a project to tap into this potential. You don’t want external private investors to create an industry around it, you would prefer to keep the investment local and under your control.

We can :

  • Help you assess the potential of your region
  • Help you create a local cooperative to build and run the sites
  • Raise the necessary funds (through shares offering program of the cooperative, public funds, and traditional banking loans)
  • Set-up the Production Site (end-to-end project management)
  • Support you (for a limited timeframe) in the running of your cooperative

You are a technical supplier of micro-hydro technologies (project developer)

You have a portfolio of potential sites within a region, but owners do not have the financial capabilities to initiate a project to exploit them.

We can :

  • Find a sponsor to create a local cooperative to set up and exploit the sites (a municipality or citizen lobby group for example)
  • Work with this sponsor to create a local cooperative that would raise the funds to set-up the sites and that would run the sites

You are a Belgian energy supplier

You target a client base that is environmentally aware and/or you position yourself as a Socially Responsible Company and thus you would like to have more green energy in your energy portfolio, especially energy that is locally produced. You are also interested in having a source of energy that is as stable as possible

We can :

  • Connect some of our micro-hydro plants to the grid and sell you our local green electricity. Electricity produces by micro-hydro is very stable compared to for example wind or solar.

Our Key Activities

Facilitate and Streamline MicroHydro activities in Belgium

  • We are building a Mills Map to publish micro hydropower potential provided by historic sites (mainly in the Ardennes). It will include data on historical water wheel, mill, weir and other existing lateral river structures
  • Wa are providing Templates, Guidelines, and Checklists for Financial Plan, Engineering Plan, Permitting, and Exploitation agreement
  • We build and maintain a short lists Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Legal Experts and Technical Suppliers
  • We negotiate framework agreements with Banks, permitting authorirties, funding authorirties, main suppliers, etc…

Inform, Communicate and Lobby

We promote microhydro by focusing on three main groups:

  • decision-makers who can create improved legal, political, regulatory and financial incentives
  • stakeholders who are potentially suited to start and/or participate in a cooperative (e.g. site owners, investors, electricity companies, engineers, manufacturers and banks)
  • general public

We help create local Cooperative, raise the necessary fundings, and run the cooperative

  • Creation of the cooperative by providing standard statutes
  • Set-up the Governance of the cooperative
  • Manage the Shares Offering program toward the citizens (or other investors) through a communication campain
  • Raise the complementary funds through applying for subsidies and approaching Banks
  • Organize members Meeting (to appoint members of the Board of Directors, Distribute benefits, etc…)
  • Day-to-day management (manage subcontracting, accounting, …)

Architecture (subcontracted)

  • Identify the most relevant sites for refurbishment from those given on the Mills Map and target a specific region
  • Visit Sites, assess high level profitability, and make a pre-agreement with the Owner for exploitation
  • Design the site (choose technology, design civil work, …) and summarize findings in an engineering plan (outsourced)
  • Assess profitability (costs and revenues) in details and document findings in a Financial Plan
  • Finalize agreement with Owner
  • Proceed with permitting process (environmental analysis, …) and get Permit (sometimes outsourced)

Engineering (subcontracted)

  • Set-Up contract with Distributor (for Grid Connection) and Partner Supplier
  • Implement Civil work and set up technology as designed in the Engineering Plan (outsourced)
  • Connect to the Grid (outsourced)

Set-Up and Run the Production (cooperative)

  • Register to Commercial Register
  • Register for VAT
  • Register as Green Producer (CWAPe or Vreg)
  • Run Production and maintain installations
  • Collect and Sell Green Certificates
  • Sell Electricity to Partner Supplier